Box Awnings are typically sleek and low profile, making them an extremely popular choice for both residential and commercial use.

All of the Box Awnings offered by ShadePro provide sun protection and shade on demand allowing you to maintain an ideal climate for your family and guests with only a few cranks of a handle (or via remote control).

Box Awnings protect and store the awning fabric in a fully enclosed cassette style box (when not in use) resulting in an awning that will continue to look great while providing years of problem-free service.

With a vast array of Box Awnings and fabrics to choose from; you can easily achieve the perfect balance between form and function.

The SELECT BOX awning is a semi-cassette retractable awning system where the roller with fabric top are enclosed by top and bottom profiles, leaving only the arms and valance exposed when the awning is retracted. The semi-cassette protects the fabric top from dirt and debris, the elements and wildlife. A specially designed mechanism of the arm shoulder forces the front bar to pull into the cassette, forming a tight enclosure that prevents un-welcomed creatures from making your awning their home.

Each awning is manufactured to our client’s specification with custom widths between 6’2″ and 19’9″ wide (in 1″ increments). Available projections: 5’0″, 6’9″, 8’4″, 10’0″ and 11’8″.

CASA BOX awning for smaller areas. The box profile protects the awning fabric against weathering with a projection of up to 2.5m/8’2″.

TENDA BOX awning allows for larger projections of up to 11’6″ and minimal space requirements for wall or ceiling installations.


MESA BOX is an elegant awning for large areas suitable for terraces and patios. The slim-line box awning is equipped with patented stoboscope arms.


CAMA BOX awning for small to medium sized areas.  Modern, sleek square box profile with variable bracket positioning & integrated tilt joint.


OPTIONAL Plug & Play LED lighting integrated into the box.


RESO BOX awning that sets new standards for very large patios or terrace areas.  Patented, modular box system ensures maximum stability for widths up to 59′ 1″! with maximum projections up to 13′.  A variety of custom options, including drop down solar valance are available on this unit.