Pergola Awnings (often referred to as Terrace Awnings) are a natural choice for use on residential patios and outdoor terraces as they provide your family and guests with protection from both direct sun and inclement weather.

Each Pergola Awning is crafted from the finest of materials and is engineered to bring elegance, shade, grace and heightened enjoyment to your Deck, Patio, Terrace or Property.

All of our Pergola Awnings are designed to hold up to wind and weather, while providing years of service. Integrated gas-filled cylinders ensure the awning fabric remains taut; while electric motors ensure effortless operation.


NEW FOR 2018!  Stobag Pergolino

This single unit has a maximum width of 23′ and projections up to 19′ 8″, multiple units can be mounted side by side for larger areas.  All units come fully motorized with your choice of multiple fabric suppliers and frame colors.  Easily mounted to existing surfaces or in ground, using a custom floor sleeve.  This stylish canopy can cover almost any area.  Additional options, such as the front solar screens. wide gutters for rain run off between multiple units & water repellent canopies make this unit one of the best in the industry.