Simply put, Grand Vista Sunrooms offer unique features not found in other sunrooms. While a Grand Vista Sunroom is usually purchased for your home, many customers also choose it for their cottage or trailer. All sunrooms are custom made to your specifications and shipped in pre-fabricated wall sections ready to install with the roof system of your choice.

Look closely, there are no window frames cluttering the look of your new room, they’re built right into the wall!

Choose the roof system that fits you.  The stylish Northlander Skyview Translucent, al the benefits of a solarium without the drawbacks or the Panelcraft Panel System, two aluminum skins bonded to seven-ply sandwich core.

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Grand Vista Sunrooms comprise of:

  • Custom made pre-manufactured wall sections (typically not exceeding 5′)
  • Vista side sliding windows on nylon rollers, including full screens
  • Panel kneewall or tempered glass
  • Tempered glass transoms, fixed glass panels and sliding patio doors also available

Colors:  White, Desert Sand & Earthstone

Roof:  Northlander Skyview Translucent or Panelcraft

Optional gutters and downspouts



NORTHLANDER SKYVIEW STRUCTURAL system is designed and built to battle the elements and win!  Manufactured from maintenance free aluminum channels and strong multi skinned poly-carbonate panels.  The impact resistant panels have a range of solar tints that block damaging UV rays while allowing various levels of light transmission into your room.

Available in 4 colors:  Clear, Bronze, Opal Ice & Silhoutte Pearl

Choose the panel that offers you the best light transmission for your patio cover, sunroom, screen room or carport.









SKYVIEW QUICK COVER – For use on existing aluminum, steel or wood frame work.

Sheets are joined together easily with a poly carbonate base rail & snap-on cap.  The cap screws down over the base which hides the scres, provides a clean flush appearance an  water resistant seam.

SKYVIEW LOW PROFILE – for existing framework that does not require the strength of a SKYVIEW STRUCTURAL SYSTEM.

Works with all thickness of polycarbonate sheets.  Mounts to existing aluminum, steel or wood frame work.  Low profile is made from extruded aluminum and the uses the same type of dry glazing seals as heavy duty SKYVIEW STRUCTURAL SYSTEM.



NFPA Glass B flame spread classification.  Meets CC1 & CC2 in accordance with UBC Standard 26-7

High strength and impact resistance.  Impact resistance of 3.00 Joule(2.29 ft lb)ASTM D-5629

Clear:  16 mm triple wall, 86.4% light transmission, .79 shading coefficient, UV factor .41

Bronze:  16 mm triple wall, 42.6 light transmission, .65 shadding coefficient, UV factor .41

Opal Ice:  16 mm triple wall, 56.5% light transmission, .56 shading coefficient, UV factor .41

Silhouette Pearl:  32 mm 5 wall, 45% light transmission, .39 Shading coefficient, UV factor .25

PanelCraft panels have been covering Canadians for over 30 years.  A technological marvel made of two aluminum skins bonded to a core material is precoated with the Krystal-Kote paint system.  Krystal-Kote is a hard protective finish, modified with a wax lubricant. A high degree baking cycle fuses the base coat & clear coat, resulting in a roof system that easily sheds ice and snow, while maintaining its high lustre finish much longer than conventional finishes.



  • 3″ (fit most 3 season sunroom and screen room requirements)
  • 4 1/2″ & 6″(extra year round insulation or extra strength for longer spans)

Colors:  White or Desert Sand


  • Skylights
  • Scroll or solid post
  • Fascia strip inserts(variety of colors)
  • Built in large capacity gutters