An environmental alternative to air conditioning!

Adding a screen to your patio,outdoor dining area or windows can protect your customers & employees from excessive sun, pesky insects, inclement weather or prying eyes.  Shade Pro will help you custom design the best solution for your business.

Commercial Screen Systems are essentially vertical awnings installed to existing structure whether its a window or a patio, we have a screen system for every situation.

The SIR (Soft Integrated Retaining System) of the VENTOSOL series of screens, operates like a zip, guarantying maximum stability of the internal fabric guidance system. VENTOSOL screens can withstand winds  up to 120 km/h!  Available motorized or manual crank operation with a sleek slightly rounded box for visual appeal.

Choose from PVC transparent film, high tech solar protection fabrics or traditional acrylic.

The UNIVERSAL series of screens let you choose between lateral guides with stainless steel cables, chrome steel rod guides or aluminum guide rails.  Compact construction , elegant box and sophisticated technical features of the UNIVERSAL screen system allow it to be installed on almost any building.  Available motorized or manual crank handle with rounded or square box.  Units can be linked together for larger openings.

Choose from high tech solar protection fabrics or traditional acrylic.

Hardware Colors:  White, Black, Beige, Brown & Grey (custom colors also available)