The Select series of awnings are ‘retractable’ awnings; each capable of addressing a specific shading requirement in both residential and commercial applications. This line can be adapted to suit virtually any installation situation, including deployment in the smallest of spaces.

Our Select series of awnings are manually operated and come complete with a standard drive that features an easy-running bevel gear box and operating handle for years of problem-free enjoyment.

Standard hardware colors – White, Black, Brown, Grey, Beige

Optional drop down front valance – Soltis 86/92 or matching acrylic fabric

Waterproof, Flameproof & specialty fabrics available.

Custom color frame available at additonal charge.

Folding arm awnings with proven high stability “triangular back bar”.

Min Width:  5′ 7″                      Max Width:  59′ 1″

Min Projection:  4′ 7″              Max Projection:  11′ 6″



The Ombramatic offers easy manual pitch adjustment of the awning with a projection of up to 3.5m/11’6”.




This cross-over arm awning allows narrow width awnings.

Min Width:  3′ 9″         Max Width:  25′ 5″

Min Projection:  4′ 11″  Max Projection:  11′ 6″